5 Tips to choose the right courier service for your business

E-commerce has become the most preferred way of shopping today. Many people choose to buy behind screens right from the comfort of their home. The 2020 was a great transition for many small and conventional businesses to join the bandwagon of e-commerce presence in order to meet the customers ’preferences. Having said that, when it comes to online selling one of the important characteristic is to find a reliable courier service which, can help grow your business. For your customer to have the contented delivery of their items, it is vital to provide positive shipping experience each time which is likely to bring repeat sales & growth for your business.

We’ve made a list of what we think are the most important traits and qualities of great parcel delivery and courier company.

1) Extensive Delivery Network

It’s worth noting that how much broad network does the courier company offers when making a choice to partner with the one. Ensuring a wide range of delivery network will provide you the opportunity to serve more and more customers from the other parts of the world thus increasing your purchases and profitability.

2) Higher Delivery Ratios.

The chances of getting your parcel delivered to the right destination and at the right time do make a difference of choice. It is necessary to opt a potential courier service that has a proven track record of highest delivery ratios to avoid any lost/held shipments.

3) Round the Clock Delivery.

Be it working hours or delivery timings people are more likely to have options. Orders come in all around the clock – a great delivery company should deliver at any time, seven days a week and on holidays. Having the flexibility for selective times of delivery means less trouble and happier customers.

4) Dedicated Customer Support.

Customer support more often than not is considered the backbone for any courier company. Customer care accounts for 80% of contact and co-ordination related to your parcels queries or tracking. It’s worth considering the reputation of your chosen shipping partner having a responsive team of dedicated individuals, to avoid any delivery service complaints.

5) Shortest Payment Cycle.

Finances play a major role in the smooth operations for any business. When courier companies take longer duration to pay off your cash on delivery amount, it may cause difficulties to meet your expenses or limit the investment opportunities. A great delivery service should have a maximum of 7 working days cycle for cash handling.

Having the right courier service on your side lets you rest easy, knowing they’ll deliver results every time. RGS Logistics is one such name you can depend upon, especially for our “Cash on Delivery” services across the Middle East. If you run an e-commerce business and looking for a delivery service RGS could be your reliable partner meeting the above checklist for a great logistics company. A courier service is one of the most important relationships you can make as a business. Choosing RGS ensures your deliveries are in good-hands, helping you find the right solution to support the growth of your business.

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