Cash on Delivery- Adding Value to E-commerce Businesses

Cash on Delivery has assumed much popularity in today’s time because many of E-Commerce companies, popular shopping websites and other online stores allow this facility for several reasons. All the major courier and logistics companies across the world serving end-customers via e-commerce or retail home deliveries consider cash on delivery as a key area in dire need of solutioning.

Cash on delivery is a key business process that has sustained its distinction despite multiple payment options gaining ground. A study of business insider shows that cash on delivery still happens to hold the highest percentage of the total payment types in developing markets.

A good number of companies do incentivizes its customers especially around festive seasons offering bundle free-shipping to their priority pool. In such scenarios, the affinity, availability, and viability of cash on delivery payment does increase. By offering the customers such an option companies create satisfied and repeat customers, the entire delivery experience becomes simple and structured.

Choosing RGS for your International Cash on Delivery Shipments, your business can enable complete process visibility to track the parcels from the planning, assigning, and dispatching stages to the travel, route optimization, estimated time of arrival compliance, and package handover process. You can easily record each stage of information gathering while the delivery associate exchanges the package or shipment with the receiver. This highlights the significance of Cash on Delivery payment mode which aligns your business’s deliverables and strategy with real-time service execution and compliance on the field. This ‘clarity’ and ‘visibility’ increases the probability of customer satisfaction. Eventually, profits are followed by customers word of mouth and contentment.

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