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International Cash On Delivery Tariff

Following rates would be applied for the parcels ranging from 01-100 parcels per month:


Following rates would be applied for the number of parcels above 100:

  • Return goods will be brought back at a rate of AED 40 per kg(s)
  • The above rates are exclusive of VAT for delivery in Saudi Arabia & UAE.
  • Duties applied in Kuwait, Oman and Qatar on each parcel:

UAE Exchange Rates


Domestic Cash On Delivery Tariff

  • 6th kg onwards, AED 03 will be charged per KG on each domestic parcel.
  • Return goods will be brought back at a rate of AED 05 per kg(s).
  • The above rates are subject to 5% VAT for domestic delivery in UAE.

Terms & Conditions

Throughout the term of this agreement and any extension or renewal thereof, RGS shall charge the client and the client hereby agrees to remunerate RGS, given the applicable conditions herein. All undeliverable shipments will be billed as per rates indicated in this proposal.

  1. Rates are subject to change at any given time following the dollar fluctuations. RGS reserves the right to modify applicable rates by issuing a prior written notice to the clients.
  2. Clients can choose to obtain insurance against high value products @ 5% of invoice value. However, insurance will only be implemented for Lost/Damaged products and not for custom held shipments.
    Note: Invoice Value is considered 20% of COD Value, at times of granting claim payment will be limited to Invoice Value only and not the COD amount.
  3. In case of non-insurance RGS will not be liable for the loss/damage of the product in transit.
  4. The rates submitted herein are valid for a period of 6 months from the issue date. Once signed, the agreement shall be valid for a term of one (1) year commencing on the date this agreement is signed by client, and shall be automatically renewed for further term(s).
  5. This agreement is revocable by either party, granting a prior 30 days written notice of such revocation.
  6. The applicable rates are administered to the client whose name appears above. All rights under this agreement are non-transferable.

Invoice Terms:

  1. Payment Cycle Every Monday - All parcels delivered till Friday are included in Monday's COD and all parcels departed till Saturday are charged in Monday's COD.
  2. Regardless of the contract term in relation to notice period, RGS reserves the right to withdraw its services in event of any unpaid invoice/(s) and to take necessary action for recovery. Any expenses incurred during the collection of this amount/(s) will be debited to client’s account.
  3. The effective date of the applicable rates shall be the date of client’s approval of this agreement. To approve the agreement, please sign below and return it to RGS Logistics.
  4. Any discrepancy in the invoice, should be brought to RGS’s attention within 07 (seven) days from receipt of the invoice.

Counterfeit Terms:

  1. Counterfeit/Replica products will not be RGS responsibility in case held by customs.
  2. RGS does not guarantee the return of such shipment if confiscated and client will be charged full amount for such shipments.
  3. Any duty imposed on counterfeit products is subject to customs i.e. Duties are not fixed, it may vary based on the product category, weight and its dimensions.
  4. RGS will only be responsible for the delivery of cleared shipments within 3 to 5 business days after they have been authorized by customs.

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