Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

RGS Logistics has been a pioneer in introducing services which can take Pakistani e-commerce into a global space & with respect to that RGS has achieved another milestone by introducing Payment Gateway Solution to its clients to facilitate prepaid payments which will help our e-commerce businesses to ensure minimum cancellation. RGS is the first courier company which is providing such a service to its clients which is responsible for providing integration as well as customized payment options to its clients.



  • ⮚ Merchant fee 4.5% per transaction.
  • ⮚ Integration fee: Rs 10,000 (One Time) – Which includes installation of the gateway on the website & providing customized payment link option on the portal.


  • 1. The integration fee is one time only.
  • 2. Payment Gateway Solution is only for e-commerce businesses.
  • 3. Parcel will be dispatched within 3 working days.
  • 4. In case of any dispute, RGS Logistics has a right to refund the amount to the customer & if there is any transaction fee the client will bear the amount.
  • 5. Both parties undertake to keep the content, substance and spirit of this agreement strictly confidential.
  • 6. Both the parties hereby agree to indemnify and keep the other party harmless from any loss, expenses, costs, damages or refund claims incurred by or occasioned to the other party as a result of this monetary deal.
  • 7. Any complaints by either party are to be submitted via email and not verbally.

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